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Get a home coffee roaster if you want to convey that you love coffee more than other people do. Owning a home roaster will be perfect for you if you genuinely appreciate freshly roasted coffee. Kaffelogic Nano 7 is the air roaster that employs transitional fluidization. This indicates that the beans in the roaster are transitioning from fluid flow to glass flow.

The beans are in direct touch when there is a glass flow. A few beans will become brown, experience the first crack, and burn during the glass flow state roast, leaving the other beans in the batch to continue browning.

The single best investment you can make if you want to enhance your morning coffee ritual is probably an excellent coffee roaster. Roasting and grinding them for a long time period loses valuable oils and exposes them to air, which means that every minute after that is a countdown to staleness.

Not all coffee roasters are made equal: Kaffelogic Roasters are those inexpensive small devices with perfect features. 

While a commercial-grade coffee roaster might cost hundreds of dollars, Kaffelogic roasters are now offered in good pricing points and styles. Therefore, you don’t need to invest a fortune to enhance your brewing equipment. In order to find the finest coffee roaster, Kaffelogic Nano 7E Benchtop Coffee Roaster is priced at AED 4,700.00.

Burr coffee grinder in Dubai, UAE | Saudi Arabia | Oman
We created the Kaffelogic Nano 7 so you can roast your own coffee – your place, your way.
Add a scoop of green beans, press start, and 12 minutes later enjoy the experience of freshly roasted coffee.


Learn about the features and qualities:-

The world’s finest benchtop coffee roaster – Precision, profile-based roast control that is unsurpassed among small benchtop roasters. It is a professional tool trusted by commercial roasting companies.

Artisan-roasted coffee comes home – For centuries coffee was roasted in the home for immediate consumption. That fine tradition is returning, but with a difference: quality. With Kaffelogic, coffee can be roasted in the home to the highest standard.

Discover the highest form of coffee – Seek out the best specialty coffee, roast it to your exact tastes, and consume whilst at peak flavour.

A storied coffee for every occasion – Every origin has a story. Weave that story with your own coffee journey as you select and roast superb coffee for every occasion.

Using calibration mode

  • The roaster goes into calibration mode if you turn it on with both – and + buttons held down. Do this with an empty roast chamber.
  • In calibration mode, change options with the button, and select an option with the button. For the purpose of fan speed re-calibration, you can skip over supply voltage and cool down calibration.
  • Record the calibration value you start with so that you can restore it if need be.
  • Adjust calibration values with the – and + buttons. Confirm and save the new value, or exit without saving.
  • Ensure that you save the value before turning the machine off otherwise the value will not be retained.
  • The only way to exit calibration mode is to turn the machine off.

Now, test the roast procedure by checking the beans visually. There will be a few examples of dark shades, but there should not be any fully burnt beans. If there are burnt beans scattered through the coffee this is speckling and represents a low-speed fail. So, this is all about the Kaffelogic Nano 7E Benchtop Coffee Roaster.

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