58mm Wooden Tamper Stand


58mm Wooden Tamper Stand
Walnut Wood


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With this WPM wooden stand conveniently store 58mm portafilter, coffee tamper and leveller at your counter. Made from high-quality wooden material, it is reliable and durable. Use the shallow round groove can place the tamper, and the deep round groove to place the metal base of portafilter, so that you can press coffee grounds more conveniently. And its compact size makes it suitable for even the smallest countertops.

51/54/58 مللي متر الجوز الخشب القهوة تصفية العبث حامل قطعة دك حبيبات الاسبريسو حصيرة حامل صانع القهوة دعم قاعدة رف مستلزمات قهوة

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